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Eating in Zhejiang

Updated : 2016-08-08

Zhejiang cuisine, consisting of Hangzhou cuisine, Shaoxing cuisine, Wenzhou cuisine and Ningbo cuisine, is among the eight main cuisine styles in China. 

Refined in cooking food, Hangzhou cuisine specializes in quick stir frying and is renowned for its lightness and freshness. Shaoxing cuisine is famous for its special fragrant dishes. Through well-seasoned, these dishes have a fresh, salty heavy flavor. Ningbo cuisine is known for its seafood which preserves its original flavor. It emphasizes freshness and smoothness and offers delicacies with very special flavor.



Each of the four sub-cuisine traditions is noted for its special flavor and taste, but they are all characterized by the careful selection of ingredients, emphasizing minute preparation, and unique, fresh and tender tastes. 

Zhejiang cuisine specializes in quick-frying, stir-frying, deep-frying, simmering and steaming, obtaining the natural flavor and taste. Special care is taken in the cooking process to make the food fresh and tender. Thanks to exquisite preparation, the dishes are not only delicious in taste and but also extremely elegant in appearance. 

Zhejiang cuisine is best represented by Hangzhou dishes, including Hangzhou Roast Chicken (commonly known as the Beggar's Chicken, which is especially delicious with a pleasant aroma of lotus leaves), Dongpo Pork, West Lake Vinegar Fish, Sistern Song's Shredded Fish Soup.