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With a history of thousands of years, Shaoxing is renowned for the abundant tourism resources including cultural relics like the Yu the Great Mausoleum and many residences of famous figures in Chinese history. In fact, Shaoxing is recognized as one of the Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China. Moreover, as a city to the south of the Yangtze Delta, the natural scenery in Shaoxing is totally charming and varied with an intriguing landscape of numerous green hills and clean waters.

Great Buddha Temple in Xinchang


Nineteen Peaks through Cliff

The Tomb of Dayu

Kuaiji Mountain

Jian Lake  

A highlight on tour of Shaoxing is surely the delicacies here. As an important branch of Zhejiang Cuisine, Shaoxing dishes are famous for their rural style in ingredients, such as duck fed with vinasse-the sweet residue of the distillery process- and the pollution-free local chickens. Owing to this raw material, Shaoxing dishes serve up a fresh taste teeming with nutrition.

Shaoxing is also known variously as the 'City of Waters,' 'City of Bridges,' 'City of Calligraphy,' 'City of Tea,' and 'City of Scholars.' It gives off an image of an elegant and peaceful locale with deep cultural connotations, south of the Yangtze River.

With its subtropical monsoon climate, Shaoxing weather is warm and moist with four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 16.5 C (61.7 F). The highest temperature is usually in July and the highest record is 39.5 C (103.1 F), while the lowest temperature is -10.1 C (13.82 F) in January. The average annual rainfall is 1438.9 millimeters (56.6 inches). Shaoxing has heavy rainfall through two rainy seasons: one during March to June and the other during September. In the rainy seasons, humidity is high and feels humid and hot. During April and May, although still in the rainy season, the temperature is comfortable.

Some of the local festivals are held at this time like the Lanting International Calligraphy Festival and the Peachblossom Festival in Hou Mountain. During May to October, the waterfalls in Wuxie Scenic Spot are much more spectacular because of the sudden increase in water run-off in the rainy season. Autumn in Shaoxing is the most pleasant season, for the sky is clear and the air is crisp. There is less rain during this season.

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