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Mogan Mountain (莫干山 mò gān shān)

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-06-03


Mogan Mountain [Photo/IC]

Located in Deqing county of Huzhou in northeastern Zhejiang province, Mogan Mountain has been listed as one of the 'Four Best Summer Resorts in China' along with Beidaihe Scenic Area, Mount Lu and Jigong Mountain.

Mogan Mountain is a major lush bamboo forest. Covering an area of 43 square kilometers and with an average altitude of 500 meters, the mountain is famous for its wild bamboo and unique environment, green and tranquil with cool springs and misty clouds.

Spring here is enchanting for both tourists and locals. Hundreds of villas have been built in the thriving bamboo forests, making the area a lively and attractive spot.

The endearing legend of Mogan Mountain is another attraction. It is said that in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) a couple named Gan Jiang and Mo Ye, who were expert sword makers, were asked by the king to make their best swords in three months. For the work they chose a spiritual place on the mountain. But they had problems during the process, so Mo Ye, the wife, cut her hair and nails and threw them into the furnace.

Finally, they cast two swords and named them Gan Jiang and Mo Ye. The husband dedicated the Sword Mo Ye to the king. The king killed him to prevent an even better sword being made. After hearing the tragic news, the wife jumped with the Sword Gan Jiang into the pond that had been used to temper the swords. To commemorate the couple, the mountain was named Mogan and the pond Sword Pond. Visitors continue to take in the pond, drawn by the romantic legend.

Scenic spot level: AAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: summer, autumn

Opening hours: 08:00 - 17:00

Ticket price: 80 yuan ($11.23)

Address: Mogan Mountain Scenic Area, Deqing county, Huzhou, Zhejiang province

Website: http://www.mogan-mountain.com/ (Chinese)


From Hangzhou:

1. Take K588 bus from Wulinmen to Deqing and then change minibuses. K588 bus is operated from 07:00 to 19:30.

2. Take the regular bus from the Passenger Transport Central Station to Deqing and then change minibuses.