Paddy field art in ancient village

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-07-31


A panorama of the paddy field art in Cangpo village. [Photo/IC]

Cangpo village, situated in Yongjia county, Zhejiang province, recently drew many tourists eager for a glimpse of its paddy field art.

A 120-mu (8 hectares) paddy field in the village has been slowly turned into a giant work of art. In the middle of the painting is a vivid portrait of Buddhist monk Xuan Zang and his apprentices, the main characters of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

It was not easy to create the amazing artwork. The design was first made using a computer and then copied onto the field with the help of GPS. Rice plants of various colors were planted in designated areas of the field with great accuracy. The image became increasingly clear as the rice plants continued to grow. Now is the best period for viewing.

Cangpo village, adjacent to the picturesque Nanxi River, which flows through Yongjia county, was founded as early as 955 AD. The village boasts well-preserved ancient architecture and folk arts as well as beautiful natural landscapes. The paddy field art is a new move by locals to make the village more appealing.

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