Shenxianju: 'A dwelling for immortals'

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2020-08-13

Shenxianju, a national 5A scenic spot–China's top classification for tourist destination – in Xianju county, East China's Zhejiang province.

Shenxianju, literally meaning "dwelling for immortals", covers a total area of 22.32 square kilometers and features an intact ecosystem and geologic structure.

The name hails from a decree by the emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), who renamed it after reading ancient China's luminary poet Li Bai's prose. The prose describes the area as a domicile of deities.

Numerous renowned films and TV dramas have filmed scenes at the attraction. They include film The Forbidden Kingdom starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan and TV series like Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and Xuan-Yuan Sword.

In 2019, Shenxianju received 2.3 million visitors in total, generating 113 million yuan ($16.3 million) in tourism revenue.