Hangzhou embarks on the 'Road to the 2022 Asian Games'

(ehangzhou.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-10-21

A brief introduction to the bilingual TV show The Road to Hangzhou 2022. [Video provided to ehangzhou.gov.cn]

The Road to Hangzhou 2022, a new bilingual TV show that explores the relationship between the 2022 Asian Games and the host city of Hangzhou, started airing on HTV-1 at 5:50 pm on Oct 18.

Each episode of the series, which is held bi-weekly on Sundays, is six minutes long and focuses on venue builders, mascot designers, and local residents.

The show's purpose is to show how Hangzhou is developing along with the Asian Games and how the sports gala affects Hangzhou's culture.

Chen Yongxin, who served as the English bidding presenter in Hangzhou's bid to host the 2022 Asian Games, was the anchor of the show.

The Hangzhou TV Asian Games Channel and Hangzhou Metro Mobile TV will broadcast the show simultaneously. The show will also be broadcast globally through the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee and other overseas news outlets.

Viewers can also follow the official WeChat account for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games for more information.