Lishui partners with 8 sister cities in green development

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Dec 2, 2019 L M S

The first Lishui international sister-city forum on green development and win-win cooperation was held on Nov 10 in the city in Zhejiang province.

Representatives of Lishui's international sister cities from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Cambodia, Japan, Tanzania, Hungary, Italy and other countries, as well as principals of relevant departments, representatives of international students and overseas Chinese from sister cities were invited to the forum.

Located at the southern foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, the city of Mishima has been a sister city to Lishui for 22 years.

"Mishima and Lishui are both green cities. Lishui has changed dramatically since I visited it six years ago. I see the progress and vitality of the city, and I hope to learn from Lishui in terms of development concepts and concrete measures for the future," mayor of Mishima said at the forum.

Tanzania in East Africa established diplomatic relations with China in 1964. Although the two countries are far apart, their relations have been very close.

This time, the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam and Lishui signed an agreement to establish friendly exchange relations.

"We encourage young people to learn Chinese, many of whom also choose to study in China, some of whom are also in Lishui," said the vice-mayor of Dar es Salaam, "I hope the two cities will carry out cooperation in various fields and Tanzania will become a bridge of communication between China and other countries in East Africa."

Lishui's practice of green development received great attention and appreciation from the representatives of its sister cities.

"A green city is something we all aspire to," said a government official from Salzana, Italy. "Lishui has advanced ideas and successful experience in this regard, which will be a new area for deepening cooperation and exchanges between the two cities."

"Through dialogue and exchange with international sister cities at the forum, we can learn from each other's advanced concepts and successful experience of development, and build an all-round, multilevel, three-dimensional global partnership network to expand and innovate international exchanges and cooperation," an official from Lishui foreign affairs office said.