This is Lishui

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated : Apr 23, 2020 L M S


Lishui, East China's Zhejiang province [Photo by Cheng Changfu]

Population: 2,708,000 registered residents (2019)

Location: southwest of Zhejiang province

Area: 17,300 square kilometers


In 2019, Lishui recorded a GDP of 147.66 billion yuan ($20.85 billion), a year-on-year increase of 8.3 percent, the general public budget revenue reached 13.98 billion yuan, up 7.6 percent year-on-year, the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents was 46,437 yuan and 21,931 yuan, up 9.1 and 10.1 percent, with both growth rates ranking first in Zhejiang province.

Administrative divisions:

Lishui governs a district - Liandu district, seven counties – namely Qingtian, Jinyun, Suichang, Songyang, Yunhe, Qingyuan and Jingning, and a county-level city, Longquan. Among these counties, Jingning is the only She Ethnic Minority Autonomous County in the country and the only minority autonomous county in East China.

The city consisted of 53 towns, 90 townships, 30 sub-districts, 112 communities and 2,725 administrative villages in 2018.

Brief introduction:

Lishui, the largest prefecture-level city in Zhejiang province is blessed with a superior and unique ecological environment. It enjoys dense mountains with 80.79 percent coverage and ranks second in China for lofty heights, as there are 3,573 peaks with an altitude above 1,000 meters, among which the 1,929-meter-high Huangmaojian Peak of Fengyang Mountain is the highest peak in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Lishui is also renowned for the quality of its water. It's the source of six rivers, namely the Oujiang River, Qiantang River, Feiyun River, Jiaojiang River, Minjiang River and Saijiang River, where the water quality ranks first in Zhejiang. Lishui also boasts fresh air. It is the only non-coastal and low altitude city among the top 10 national air quality cities. Its ecological environment index has been the best in Zhejiang for 16 consecutive years, and public satisfaction with the ecological environment has rated first for 12 consecutive years.