Lishui aims to be role model city in Zhejiang province

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : May 19, 2020 L M S


Lishui goes green in a big way. It invests 32.26 billion yuan ($4.54 billion) in its Big Garden construction in 2019, 22.5 percentage points higher than the scheduled investment. [Photo by Xiao Da/chinadaily.com.cn]

 Lishui, one of the two core cities in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang's Big Garden construction, aims to develop into a role model, according to Zhou Lijun, deputy director of the development and reform commission in the city.

Since the program was launched by Zhejiang Provincial Government in early 2019, Lishui has regarded the Big Garden construction as a valuable opportunity to achieve its high quality development.

To realize the target, Lishui has focused on building beautiful villages, rivers, gardens, industrial parks, and eight other projects, said Zhou Haizhong, a top official in charge of the green development comprehensive reform and innovation zone construction in Lishui. 

The eight projects include the Lishui National Park, Oujiang River greenway, housing projects, an integrated transportation hub, urban renewal, high-end hotels, 5A-level scenic spot establishment and healthcare towns.

In 2019, the city invested 32.26 billion yuan ($4.54 billion) in its Big Garden construction, 22.5 percentage points higher than the scheduled investment, Zhou said.

He said the Fengyang Mountain—Baishanzu nature reserves are expected to become the first group of national parks in China and Jinyun Xiandu scenic spot was upgraded to the highest level of its kind in China.

Lishui has also established 2,064 kilometers of greenways, or 80 percent of its total length and established 10 five-star hotels. Last year it began constructing seven healthcare towns, tore down 600,000 square meters of old houses, recruited 333 companies to set up operations at industrial parks and shut down 82 outdated production facilities. 

Construction on Lishui Airport began and tourist-dedicated trains from Shanghai to Lishui running weekends were also launched last year.

In 2019, Lishui was honored with the title of City of Natural Oxygen Bar and became the first city to pilot the construction of a national weather park. The city also established 27 3A-level scenic villages, nine provincial-level beautiful gardens and 452 kilometers of beautiful rivers and its 21 rivers were officially recognized as provincial-level beautiful rivers in the same year.

According to Zhou Lijun, deputy director of the development and reform commission in the city, in 2020, Lishui will continue focusing on balanced and harmonious development between the economy and the natural environment.

The city will establish an intelligent natural environment monitor platform and set up a foundation to support projects involving the ecological industry and the value realization of ecological products.

It will continue to develop regional public brands, including Lishui Shangeng for agricultural products, Lishui Shanju for homestays and Lishui Shanjing for scenic spots.