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Companies get fast, easy access to best policies in Lishui

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Oct 9, 2020 L M S

Zhejiang M&F Chemistry Co Ltd – a company located in Lishui Economic and Technological Development Zone in Lishui city, in East China's Zhejiang province – recently benefitted from an innovative "policy calculator" system, according to the local media.

The media reports said that through it, the company found 10 zone policies it was qualified for that best matched its needs.

Local officials said the new system is an innovative move that the development zone began using on Sept 8.

"In the past, we needed to search for preferential policies on various websites," said Ye Qingsong, deputy director of the public relations department of M&F Chemistry.

"There were so many policy categories at all levels that it was inevitable to miss some of them," he added.

Ye said that now with the calculator, enterprises can access the best policies in an effective and timely manner – with businesses obtaining the proposed amount of funding and policy support through simple information submissions.

To date, the calculator has helped with more than 60 enterprise-related policies at the provincial, municipal and development zone levels.