Visit Longquan's scenic villages for memorable spring outing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Feb 20, 2021 L M S

With the arrival of spring, the warmer weather is beckoning more and more people to take a stroll outside to enjoy nature and Longquan -- a county level city administered by Lishui in East China's Zhejiang province -- is just the place to savor blossoming flowers, exercise or simply bathe in the spring sunlight.

Here are some recommended villages in the Longquan region where you can take a special and peaceful spring outing.

Dayao village, Xiaomei township


Taking in the idyllic scenery and the local special ceramics, or celadon culture is a great combination for day-trippers to Dayao village. [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]

Longquan is famous for its local special ceramics, called celadon and Dayao village has witnessed the development history of the Longquan celadon. The Dayao Longquan Kiln, a National Archaeological Park of China, is located there. The kiln has played an important role in the history of ceramics in China.

Gaizhu village, Zhuyang township


Farmers wearing the traditional costume of the She ethnic group pick tea leaves outside Gaizhu village. [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]

Gaizhu is a village of the She ethnic group, where visitors may enjoy their charming culture. They can take in the traditional dances, marriage rituals and colorful She costumes there.

Xianren village, Lanju township


Xianren village is also known as "China's Longevity Village". [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]

Xianren village is located at the foot of Fengyang Mountain. The proportion of centenarians in the village is 37 times higher than the international standard, giving it the reputation of being "China's Longevity Village". Many are drawn there by its unspoiled environment and fresh air.