Songyang museum for 24 solar terms opens

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Apr 30, 2021 L M S


The opening ceremony is held for the Songyang Weather and Twenty-Four Solar Terms Museum on April 29. [Photo/WeChat account: wbzjsy001]

The Songyang Weather and Twenty-Four Solar Terms Museum – the first of its kind in East China's Zhejiang province – opened to public on April 29, according to local media outlets.

Located in Xikeng village, Sidu town, in Songyang county – administered by the city of Lishui in Zhejiang – the museum was created from six old residences. It has a total construction area of 1,200 square meters.

There are three indoor exhibition halls and an outdoor experience area.

The facility introduces the natural science, history, customs and the phenological changes of the formation of the 24 solar terms in China – as well as the local weather and meteorological changes, agricultural affairs, customs and food.