Pick summer fruit in Longquan now

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jul 28, 2021 L M S

Summer is the season to eat a large variety of fruit and many say it's the perfect time to have a day out, pick some fresh seasonal fruit and enjoy the bright and breezy outdoors.

Here are some of the best places where you can enjoy yourself picking big buckets of plums, dragon fruit and watermelons in Longquan, a county-level city administered by Lishui in East China's Zhejiang province. Let's check them out:


Sweet and sour plums are wonderful to help you cool down during a hot summer and the best plums in Longquan are said to be those cultivated in Lanju township. These plums have the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, which makes them a big hit with foodies.

Recommended picking spot:

Zhang Jigen Family Farm

Tel: +86-134-5436-5045 

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit from Longquan is said to be juicy, soft and sweet. It's rich in anthocyanins, which have antioxidants and anti-aging effects.

Recommended picking spot:

Zhoucun Village Dragon Fruit Base

Tel: +86-137-3599-3385

Zou Weijian Family Farm

Tel: +86-138-6708-5559


As the main producing area for watermelons in Longquan, Gaodamen village produces watermelons with a sweet taste, thin skin, as well as crisp and succulent flesh. The melon field there is also a great place to take photos.   

Recommended picking spot:

Changgen Fruit Base

Tel: +86-159-8801-5025