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Photographs capture living wonders of nature

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Oct 20, 2021 L M S

A nature-themed photography contest held by the Publicity Department of Lishui City Party Committee of East China's Zhejiang province concluded on Oct 8, 2021.

The Global Environment Protection Photography Contest in 2021 received over 110,000 entries from around the world, showing the amazing beauty of Mother Nature.

A total of 70 entries in six categories - mammals, amphibians, birds, insects, plants and fungus, and human in nature - won a prize. The following are some of the award-winning photos.


[Photo by Sam Nt]


Bath time. Just before the sunset hundreds of Indian Flying Fox (bat) dive in a local lake for bath and drinking water. [Photo by Md Asker Ibne Firoz]


Swimming. [Photo by Kadu Pinheiro]


Calla lilies. [Photo by Marina Poushkina]


Orange color in foggy forest. [Photo by Marek Ujčík]