Longquan Kiln included in national plan

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Nov 25, 2021 L M S


A view of the archeological site of the Longquan Kiln in Lishui [Photo/WeChat account: lsnews]

Archeological digs at the Longquan Kiln – located in Longquan, a county-level city of Lishui city in East China's Zhejiang province – have been included in the nation's specialized blueprint for the protection and utilization of major heritage sites during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25).

Under the plan, released recently by the National Cultural Heritage Administration, archaeological work at major heritage sites will be boosted and archaeological stations will be built – constructed by local governments with input from the central government, provincial governments and universities and colleges.

The plan also outlined the target for the number of visitors to the sites to reach 15 million per year by the end of the period.

The Longquan Kiln is widely regarded as the most representative celadon kiln system with the longest continuous history, largest working operation and the widest distribution network in the history of Chinese ceramics.   

The Longquan Kiln site, mainly distributed in Longquan and the Qingyuan county area of Lishui city, is regarded has having a key role in the history of international ceramics.