Jinyun's export volume hits new high in 2021

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jan 17, 2022 L M S


A display of motor bikes of Jinyun-based Zhejiang Kayo Motor Co Ltd. [Photo/WeChat account: ls-mnews]

The Zhejiang Okai Vehicle Co Ltd – based in Jinyun county, Lishui, East China's Zhejiang province – has seen flourishing foreign trade sales recently with 11 containers of its electric scooter products just set sail overseas.

Zou Fengping, deputy general manager of Okai, said that the electric scooters will enter the mainstream markets in Europe and the US, meeting people's needs for short-distance travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jinyun in recent years has been encouraging its businesses to plough subdivision fields which brought remarkable results.

From January to November last year, the total export volume of Jinyun county reached 10.63 billion yuan ($1.68 billion), becoming the first mountainous county in Lishui and the second among the 26 mountainous counties in Zhejiang province to break 10 billion yuan. 

Another Jinyun enterprise that focuses on a subdivision field to obtain large foreign trade orders is Zhejiang Kayo Motor Co Ltd.

According to the enterprise's official, its motor products are becoming more and more professional in specific fields and the consumers of Europe and the US are attracted by the cost-effective products. 

Okai and Koyo are not alone. From January to October last year, the exports of Jinyun's short-distance intelligent transportation industry reached 3.98 billion yuan accounting for 41.62 percent of the county's total exports in that period.