Jinyun county scoops up provincial award for tech innovation

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Aug 5, 2022 L M S


Jinyun county is following the path to digital reform and technological innovation. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

Jinyun county – administered by Lishui city in East China's Zhejiang province – recently received the top award at the Zhejiang province technological innovation conference, becoming the first of the region's 26 mountainous counties to receive the honor.

In recent years Jinyun has been diligently following the path to digital reform and technological innovation and is continuing to promote its digital transformation and the intelligent upgrading of its different industries.

"Our research and development expenditure has increased by over 30 percent year-on-year for three consecutive years," said Xiang Zhenping, director of the county's technology bureau.

Jinyun has invested 30 million yuan ($4.44 million) to build seven laboratories for precision measurement, materials, electricity, mechanics and acoustics, among others. It has introduced seven colleges and universities and 27 science and technology service intermediaries to open subsidiaries there, with the aim of providing enterprises with complete and one-stop services.

Zhejiang King-mazon Machinery Co Ltd is one of the enterprises to benefit from Jinyun's support.

A spokesman said that with the help of government subsidies for tech innovation, the company became the first domestic supplier of metal conduit bending and forming equipment in the country's aviation and aerospace sectors.

Centering on key industrial supply chains – including in the aerospace field and high-end intelligent equipment – Jinyun has also issued supportive policies to attract top-flight personnel.