Jinyun county to hold Huangdi worship ritual in October

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Sep 23, 2022 L M S


An aerial view of the enchanting Huangdi Temple in the Xiandu scenic area. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

A grand ceremony paying tribute to Huangdi or the Yellow Emperor, legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation, will be held on Oct 4 at the Xiandu Scenic Spot in Jinyun county.

The county is administered by Lishui city – located in East China's Zhejiang province – and final preparations for the event are now being made, according to a news conference held on Sept 22.

The legendary ancestor Xuanyuan – Huangdi's given name – is also known as the founder of the Chinese civilization. For a long time, Zhejiang has attached great importance to the study of Huangdi culture.

Jinyun is widely recognized as playing an important part in the spread of Huangdi culture from north to south. The tradition of worshiping Huangdi has been passed on for more than 1,600 years in the county.

This year's event will comprise nine parts – including the striking of bells, an offering of flower baskets and wine to ancestors, a reading of a ceremonial address and ritual singing.

Sideline activities – such as the Fifth China Huangdi Culture Seminar, a calligraphy and seal cutting exhibition and events celebrating the harvest – will be held in Jinyun at the same time.

Jinyun has recently introduced a program, covering eight areas, to improve the inheriting and passing on to future generations of its prized Huangdi culture.

They include Huangdi cultural interpretations, demonstrations, as well as popularization and digitalization. These are all aimed at nurturing the Huangdi culture, so that it becomes an internationally influential and high-profile cultural symbol of Zhejiang by 2025.