Lishui city embraces its plum blossoms

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Feb 14, 2023 L M S

Plum trees in Lishui city – in East China' Zhejiang province – are about to fully bloom as spring approaches and the temperature rises, an uplifting thought for the legions of flower lovers in the region.

There is a wide range of varieties of plum blossoms in Lishui and their glistening white, pink and red blooms and intoxicating aromas draw a large number of residents and tourists to enjoy the early spring scenery.

Here are some of the recommended destinations for you to enjoy the best plum blossoms in Lishui.

Nanming Mountain in Liandu district

Best time to visit: Mid to late-February


The plum garden on Nanming Mountain is next to Renshou Temple. When the plum blossoms are in full bloom, the garden will be full of plum fragrance. [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]

Xiandu Scenic Area in Jinyun county

Best time to visit: February to mid-April


The plum trees in the Xiandu Scenic Area are scattered all over the scenic area and along the green roads. [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]

Qiaokeng village in Longquan city

Best time to visit: Mid to late-February


Qiaokeng village is particularly popular at this time of the year, with the village decorated with plum blossoms everywhere. [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]

Ruchengkou Park in Jingning She autonomous county

Best time to visit: February


The first batch of plum blossoms are already in full bloom in Ruchengkou Park. [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]

Along Fuyun Creek in Yunhe county

Best time to visit: Mid-February


The beautiful plum blossom landscape in Yunhe county is always a big draw for visitors, who tend to stay for a while. [Photo/WeChat account: zjlsly2014]