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Foreign students immerse themselves in Jinyun culture

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Feb 21, 2023 L M S


Foreign students watch a traditional opera performance in the Jinyun Yandang scenic area. [Photo/Lishui Foreign Affairs Office]

A group of 40 overseas students from over 10 countries – including Russia, Ukraine, the US, Zambia and Zimbabwe – as well as 10 students from the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communications in Beijing, recently had a ball when they visited Jinyun county in Lishui city, in East China's Zhejiang province.

They experienced the rich culture of Jinyun by listening to stories about the emperor Huangdi – legendary ruler of a united China around 5,000 years ago. They did so during a visit to the Xiandu scenic area, where the Huangdi worship ritual takes place every year.


Expat students perform at the cultural exchange event at the Jinyun Yandang scenic area. [Photo/Lishui Foreign Affairs Office]

During their visit, the county also organized a cultural exchange event at the Yandang scenic area, which was transformed from abandoned quarries. The students watched local martial arts performances and sang Chinese songs there.