Yunhe's Chinese-style wooden toys going global

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Feb 8, 2024 L M S


Yunhe's wooden toys are displayed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. [Photo/Tide News]

From Jan 30 to Feb 3, 12 wooden toy enterprises from Yunhe, Lishui, Zhejiang province took an active part in the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany — the largest and most well-known professional toy trade fair in the world.

The enterprises presented over 500 series of wooden toys, with those characterized by traditional Chinese culture capturing the hearts of the most visitors.

At the booth of Zhejiang Wooden Toys Family Company, visitors were captivated by a set of tower-shaped tenon-and-mortise building block toys comprised of 160 parts.

He Bin, head of the company, said that it was the international debut of the series of toys, featuring intricate designs inspired by ancient Chinese architectural elements such as pavilions and mansions. The company aimed to use the designs to establish a tangible connection to Chinese history and culture for consumers all over the world.

Yunhe, known as the "Hometown of Chinese Wooden Toys", has a long-standing history of wooden toy production dating back to the Song and Yuan dynasties (960-1368). Today, it is home to over 1,100 wooden toy manufacturing enterprises, producing a wide variety of wooden toys sold in 82 countries and regions around the world.

In recent years, Yunhe's wooden toy enterprises have begun to integrate traditional Chinese culture into their products, injecting new vitality into the industry. In 2023, the output value of Yunhe's wooden toys reached 6.69 billion yuan ($934.69 million), with exports totaling nearly one billion yuan.