Longquan Swords capture attention at Milan Design Week

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Apr 22, 2024 L M S


Longquan Swords are exhibited at the Milan Design Week. [Photo/Tide News]

At the Milan Design Week, running from April 15 to 21, the Longquan Sword from Longquan, Lishui, Zhejiang province drew global attention with its indisputable charm.

"The Longquan Sword, embodying a variety of cultural genes and forms of Song Dynasty, is among the first batch of national intangible cultural heritages and is an artistic treasure ancestors left us," Ding Zexin, who oversaw the Longquan Sword booth, passionately introduced the exhibits to visitors from around the world.

Milan Design Week, known as the "Olympics" of modern design, attracted over 2,080 companies and more than 600 emerging designers, spanning a space of nearly 200,000 square meters.

Standing out among other commercial handicrafts, Longquan Swords captured extensive attention with their unique charm. "Visitors spent more time at our booth to admire the craftsmanship. International handicraft merchants expressed interest in collaborating with Longquan through commercial sales and cross-border integration," Ding added. 

Local Italians also showed enthusiasm for the exquisite swords, with many expressing a desire to place orders on the spot.