Longquan celadon appeals to international artists

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : May 29, 2024 L M S


Indian ceramist Vinod Kumar creates a ceramic artwork in the Wang'ou Taoxichuan International Studio. [Photo/Tide News]

Indian ceramist Vinod Kumar is currently participating in Wang'ou Taoxichuan International Studio's "Migratory Bird Program" in Longquan, Lishui, Zhejiang province, where he is creating new ceramic artworks inspired by Longquan celadon.

The "Migratory Bird Program", starting from January, is designed to invite artists from around the world to experience and engage with Longquan's traditional celadon arts during the whole year, establishing a world-class studio with diverse arts.

Since its inception, the program has attracted over 20 artists. In March, the studio announced its plan to invite 100 international artists throughout the year, providing them with workspace, facilities, and comprehensive support.

As a member of this group of invited artists, Kumar visited Longquan Celadon Museum and engaged in exchanges with local artisans, acquiring a deeper understanding of Longquan celadon.

This is my first time to Longquan. The scenery and climate here are very good. The celadon culture is especially charming. It gives me a lot of inspiration, said Kumar. He plans to stay for two months to explore more possibilities within the Longquan celadon and Indian artistic styles.

Another participant in the program, Irish artist Deirdre McLoughlin, draws inspiration from Longquan's picturesque landscape and vibrant local life. I particularly like to walk along the Oujiang River at night, watching people singing and dancing. It is wonderful, she said.

The program also includes art lectures. On May 22, McLoughlin and Tu Yujie from Taiwan province shared their creative journeys and experience in their joint lecture, which drew more than 140 students, teachers, artists, and ceramic enthusiasts.