Intelligent techniques boost blueberry yield in Liandu

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jun 14, 2024 L M S


Plump blueberries hang on branches in Xiandu township, Liandu district. [Photo/Tide News]

In Xiandu township, Liandu district, Lishui, Zhejiang province, the Nonghua Blueberry Cooperative is witnessing a bountiful harvest as its 50-mu (3.33-hectare) blueberries reach their peak season.

Adorning branches like sapphires, the blueberries are characterized by their large size, measuring 14-16 millimeters in diameter, as well as thin skin and alluring fragrance.

"Ripe blueberries are picked and sent to cold storage for packaging and preservation, and then sent to locations across the country by cold-chain logistics, where they can be sold for 120 yuan ($16.54) per kilogram," said Shen Yonghua, head of the cooperative.

To meet the sensitive environmental needs of blueberries, Shen has spearheaded a transformative approach.

Collaborating with Zhejiang University since 2022, they have established a smart orchard management platform that enables intelligent data collection and precise water and fertilizer drip irrigation, according to Zhao Liuyang, the deputy head of Xiandu township.

The benefits of these techniques are evident in the superior quality and increased yield of the blueberries, said Shen. The yield is expected to reach 500 kg per mu this year, representing a remarkable 20 percent increase in both yield and profits year-on-year.