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Documents Foreigners Should Submit for Adoption of Children in China

Updated: August 1, 2016 L M S

Where foreigners come to China for adoption, they should submit an application for adoption, their family status report and credentials to the adoption organization entrusted by the Chinese government (hereinafter the Chinese adoption organization) through the government of the adopter's country or an adoption organization entrusted by the government of the said foreign country (hereinafter foreign adoption organization). The application, report and credentials refer to the following documents and should be authenticated by both the diplomatic organs or the organizations entrusted by the diplomatic organs of the said foreign country, and also authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the said foreign country:

1) application for inter-country adoption;

2) birth certificate;

3) certificate of marital status;

4) certificates of profession, income and property condition;

5) certificate of health examination;

6) certificate indicating that the adopter has or has not been subjected to criminal punishment;

7) certificate certifying the approval of inter-country adoption by the competent authority of the country where the adopter resides;

8) family status report, including the status of the adopter, the qualification for and appropriateness of the adoption, family background, medical history, adoption motive and suitability for taking care of children.