Employment License of Foreigners in China

Updated : 2016-08-01

Department in charge: Department of Employment and Unemployment Insurance

Telephone: 0571-85155710

Applicants: Employed foreigners without permanent resident status in China within the administrative region of Zhejiang Province and their employers.

Relevant policy: Rules for the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China, promulgated jointly by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (1996 No. 29)

Conditions for application:

1.18 years of age or older and in good health;

2.professional skills and job experience required for the position;

3.no criminal record;

4.clearly defined employer;

5.valid passport or other international travel document.

Documents required for application:

An employer looking to hire a foreigner should provide the following valid documents:

1.Documents regarding the corporate status of the employing unit, including business license, registration certificate, organization code certificate, certificate of approval for establishment of enterprises with foreign investment and articles of association;

2.Report on reasons for hiring foreign employee;

3.Employment intention letter;

4.Curriculum vitae for the foreigner to be employed;

5.Proof foreigner possesses credentials required for the job;

6.The health certificate of the foreigner to be employed;

7.Other documents required by law

Charges: According to the Notice on Strengthening the Administration of Certificate and License Fees issued by the State Administration for Commodity Prices (1998), the printing cost for the Employment Certificate is 10 yuan each (RMB)