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Tiger Spring

Updated: August 3, 2016 L M S


[Photo from en.gotohz.com]


[Photo from en.gotohz.com] 


[Photo from en.gotohz.com]

The Tiger Spring is one of the most famous springs surrounding West Lake. Noted for its sweet quality and abundant minerals, Tiger Spring (Hupao Spring) goes well with famous longjing tea (dragon-well tea).

The spring’s name comes from a folk legend. During the Yuanhe Period (AD 806-820) of the Tang Dynasty, Hangzhou was hit by a drought. An eminent monk traveled to Hangzhou was concerned about the situation, but there was nothing he could do. One night, the story goes, the monk dreamed about an immortal who revealed to him that two tigers would be sent to help him dig a spring at Daci Mountain.

The next day the monk went to the place in his dream and saw two tigers had scooped out a hole on the ground and spring water gushed out from the hole. Inspired by the dream, the monk established the Hupao Temple, which gave it its name. Visitors can see the spring today and drink from the spring.