Zhejiang releases 30 measures to improve business climate

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-04-13

Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently released 30 measures in six categories to improve the local business climate. 

Ⅰ Making it more convenient to do business

1. Shorten the time for company establishment to one day and settlement of related procedures to two days. Establish a special window where applicants can fulfill all procedures related to company establishment. 

2. Improve the project review and approval system. Shorten the time between project approval and completion to at most 80 days. 

3. Promote online settlement of companies' applications for electricity use. Ensure the average time for handling the procedures is within 35 days, and no more than 15 days for small and micro-sized enterprises.

4. Improve the management system for providing companies with easy access to water and gas.

5. Promote online settlement of companies' real estate registrations. 

6. Enhance efficiency of online tax services to 85 percent. Promote consolidated declarations of land use tax and property tax. Shorten the time for annual tax payments to within two hours. 

7. Build intelligent docks and shorten the time for customs clearance. Build a single window for international trade and ensure that all procedures related to international trade can be handled at the window by the end of 2020.

8. Enhance efficiency for handling bankruptcies.

9. Build a comprehensive financial service platform to make it easier for companies to get credit.

10. Enhance the efficiency of litigation services. 

11. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. 

12. Enhance the efficiency of company cancellations.

Ⅱ Improve mechanisms for market entry and exit

13. Implement a negative list system which lists certain fields that are not open to international investors. 

14. Create a fair and transparent business climate for foreign investors. 

15. Accelerate the clearing of zombie companies – companies that are incapable of self-development and can only survive with government subsidies or bank loans. 

Ⅲ Reduce company costs

16. Slash taxes and fees for companies by around 150 billion yuan ($21.33 billion) in 2020.

17. Reduce the price of natural gas.

18. Build a long-term mechanism for reducing costs for companies. 

Ⅳ Improve regulation

19. Improve regulation by using internet and big data technologies, and streamline regulation procedures. 

20. Improve the bid system and eliminate all unreasonable restrictions and barriers. 

21. Strengthen anti-monopoly law enforcement. 

22. Improve the mechanism for protecting company interests. 

23. Improve labor market regulation. 

Ⅴ Enhance administrative services

24. Strengthen the At Most One Visit reform to streamline administrative procedures for companies and government departments.

25. Apply digital technologies to enhance efficiency of administrative services. Integrate various mobile applications providing administrative services and handle them all in one application. 

26. Improve government procurement services.

27. Strengthen reforms on talent attraction.

Ⅵ Improve business climate evaluation

28. Strive to build Hangzhou into a model city in business climate evaluation in accordance with World Bank standards.

29. Improve the mechanism for business climate evaluation.

30. Improve the rule of law in business.