Zhejiang rolls out polices to support eco-friendly and integrated development in YRD

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2020-06-04

Zhejiang recently issued a series of policies to support Jiashan county in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, in constructing a demonstration zone for eco-friendly and integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region, Jiaxing Daily reported on June 3.

In 2019, Jiashan, Qingpu district in Shanghai, and Wujiang district in Suzhou were selected as the demonstration zones for the integrated ecological development in the YRD region.

Administrative reform support

The policies state that the Zhejiang municipal government and relevant departments can authorize Jiashan demonstration zone to exercise provincial management authority and delegate powers to the zone, including in talent recruitment, technology development, trade, food and drug supervision, special equipment management, enterprise capability management, entry and exit control, and banking business approval.

The policies allow for the delegation of power to approve investment projects which require provincial and municipal approval to Jiashan demonstration zone.

The policies support the exploration of government affairs reform and the cross-regional application of electronic certificates in transportation, health care, and education in Jiashan demonstration zone.

The policies also support Jiashan demonstration zone in exploring an integrated management mechanism covering planning, land, investment, public service, natural protection and public credit.

Financial support

The Zhejiang government plans to allocate 5-billion-yuan ($701.52 million) in general public budget to support the construction of Jiashan demonstration zone from 2020 to 2022 and also plans to allocate some amount of government bonds to support projects in the zone, according to the policies.

The policies state that Jiaxing will offer Jiashan subsidies equivalent to 50 percent of the allocated provincial general public budget.

The policies support Jiashan demonstration zone in enjoying the polices relevant to pilot regional equity market reform and support the Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center in establishing a special science and technology innovation board (STAR Market) in Jiashan demonstration zone and help local companies to go public on the STAR Market.

The policies encourage financial institutions to set up branches focusing on green development and science and technology, which will enjoy preferential policies in credit resource allocation, capital price, and limits of authority for examining and approving loans.

The policies give a priority to the bond issue of companies in Jiashan demonstration zone.

Innovation-driven development

The policies state that Zhejiang will strive for the construction of a branch park of Xiuzhou National High-tech Development Zone in Xiangfudang Sci-tech Green Valley.

Zhejiang will strive for the construction of a State-level green technological innovation demonstration zone and a State-level innovative county in Jiashan demonstration zone, according to the policies.

The policies support renowned companies, universities and research institutes from home and abroad in establishing research agencies and innovation platforms in Jiashan demonstration zone.

The policies support the construction of a branch of the Intellectual Property Integrated Service Center and China (Zhejiang) Intellectual Property Protection Center in Jiashan demonstration zone.

Zhejiang will strive to delegate work permit approval authority for foreigners in China to Jiashan demonstration zone and relax requirements in regard to age, education history, and working experience for high-level professionals working in the zone, who will also be able to receive a work permit for more than two years, according to the policies.

Living environment

The policies support Jiashan demonstration zone in installing 5G base stations and carrying out the application of artificial intelligence and internet of things technologies and road tests of intelligent connected vehicles.

The policies also support the management of natural environment, sharing of high quality educational resources, and high quality development of the healthcare industry in Jiashan demonstration zone.