Zhejiang receives most new IPR customs records in China

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-12-08

According to the Hangzhou customs office, a total of 2,547 intellectual property rights items were recorded in customs offices in East China's Zhejiang province from January to November, up nearly 30 percent year on year and more than in any other Chinese province.

Recording IPRs in customs is an effective means of preventing IPR infringements upon exported products.

In the first 11 months of this year, the Hangzhou customs office seized more than 530,000 exports violating IPR law.  

"As the brand recognition of Zhejiang products continues to grow overseas, some Zhejiang brands have fallen victim to copycats," said Xu Mei, director of the IPR office at the Yiwu customs office.

According to Xu, customs offices in Zhejiang are emphasizing the importance of recording IPRs among Zhejiang-based private companies and streamlining relevant administrative procedures.

In May, the Yiwu customs office seized a batch of grinding wheels violating the trademark rights of Hantoo Enterprises, a Hangzhou-based private company which is expanding in the global market. Since IPRs started being recorded, Zhejiang customs has dealt with numerous counterfeit products which are copying the company's exports, according to Feng Weidong, a manager of the company,

A head official from the Hangzhou customs office said that customs staff are particularly alert to IPR violations related to market purchases, cross-border e-commerce, and express delivery in their efforts to consistently improve the local business environment.