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Zhejiang authorities rate tourism localities

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: January 11, 2021 L M S


An autumn view of the Thousand-islet Lake in Chun'an county in East China's Zhejiang. [Photo/VCG]

The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently granted the titles of 5A-level or 4A-level scenic areas to a number of urban districts, towns, and sub-districts that boast a lively tourism economy.

Three urban districts, as well as six towns and sub-districts, in the province were awarded "5A-level scenic areas".

The urban districts are the seat of Hangzhou's Chun'an county, Shaoxing's Keqiao district, and the seat of Shaoxing's Xinchang county.

The towns and sub-districts are Shouchang town in Hangzhou's Jiande city, Pingyao town in Hangzhou's Yuhang district, Qiantong town in Ningbo's Ninghai county, Xiaguan town in Wenzhou's Cangnan county, Moganshan town in Huzhou's Deqing county, and Anchang subdistrict in Shaoxing's Keqiao district.

Another 13 urban districts were awarded "4A-level scenic areas". They are the seat of Hangzhou's Tonglu district, the seat of Ningbo's Ninghai county, Wenzhou's Lucheng district, the seat of Wenzhou's Pingyang county, Huzhou's Nanxun district, Jiaxing's Nanhu district, Jiaxing's Tongxiang city, Shaoxing's Zhuji city, Jinhua's Yiwu city, the seat of Quzhou's Kaihua county, the seat of Zhoushan's Shengsi county, the seat of Taizhou's Tiantai county and Lishui's Longquan city.