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Over 100 participants take part in marathon relay to mark CPC's 100 years

By Xing Yi in Shanghai| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: April 12, 2021 L M S


Marathon runners get ready for a special running event on Sunday morning to celebrate the centenary of the Communist Party of China, which starts at the memorial site of the First Congress of the CPC in downtown Shanghai. [Photo by Gao Erqiang /chinadaily.com.cn]

Duan Paotao, who has been participating in marathons in the past five years, designed the route as he ran for 11 hours and 43 minutes from Shanghai to Jiaxing in February.

"My journey started before dawn. Running from dark to bright, the one hundred kilometer's route is like the one hundred years of the growth of the Party," he said to Shanghai Television.

Yang Yucheng, an entrepreneur who participated in the marathon, said, "I think it is very meaningful to celebrate the centenary of the Party through a marathon relay as it's not a one-man's journey but a group of people's efforts. It made us better understand that great things cannot be achieved by one person but required collective strength."

Zhao Lidong, a doctor of Shanghai No 6 People's Hospital, said although he hasn't finished a marathon before, he likes running because it can improve health, so he participated the marathon rely.

"Last year, the Chinese healthcare workers and the general public have stood against the test of the pandemic together, and I think this event will not only further strengthen people's bond, but also promote a healthy lifestyle in the society," he said.

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