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Laser product made by Wenzhou enterprise becomes a hit

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: April 19, 2021 L M S

Based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, Penta Laser Co debuted its 30,000-watt super-high-power fiber laser cutting machine, the first of its kind in China, at the 17th China International Machine Tool Show in Beijing on April 12.

This innovative product was an instant hit with the crowd at the industrial fair which ended April 17, earning Penta Laser dozens of orders.

"Our industrial output in the first quarter of this year was nearly 400 million yuan ($61.28 million), roughly 60 percent of the output for 2020,” Wu Rangda, chief executive of Penta Laser, told local media.

The new machine contributed to about 80 percent of the purchase orders Penta Laser received in Q1, becoming a new engine for the company's future development.

Laser cutting specialists have in recent years been struggling to produce machines that have a higher power and finer cutting ability. Last year, a German laser equipment manufacturer that could not find a solution provider in Germany turned to Penta Laser, which is one of the leading companies for high-power laser technology in China.

To tackle the technological difficulties involved in creating such a machine, Penta Laser established a dedicated R&D team of 15 experts and managed to deliver the 30,000-watt super-high-power laser cutting machine in December 2020.

Compared with the conventional 20,000-watt laser cutting equipment, the new product boasts a significant improvement in the upper limit for metal thickness, accuracy, and maximum cutting speed.