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Modern 'Marco Polo' in Hangzhou, episode 2: Canadian finds working in Hangzhou the right decision

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 20, 2021 L M S

Click the video to learn more about Fodil Selmouni. [Video/hangzhou.com.cn]

Fodil Selmouni, a Canadian who teaches English at the Tourism College of Zhejiang in Hangzhou, said living and working in the city was a great choice.

He said he felt like Marco Polo when he first laid eyes on the city. Marco Polo was an Italian traveler who visited Hangzhou in the 13th century.

Selmouni has been working in Hangzhou for four years and said his favorite part of the day is staying with his students.

"They are my friends as well as my students and we can all learn from each other in our studies and our lives. For example, I can teach students English and they can teach me Chinese," Selmouni said.

He hopes that his students will be able to master English with international vision and competence in intellectual communication.

In 2019, Selmouni was honored as the most popular foreign teacher at his school. A year later, he was honored as a cultural envoy by the Zhejiang provincial department of culture and tourism.

In his spare time, Selmouni likes traveling, hiking, and cycling through the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou.

"There are some breathtaking natural landscapes that allow us to appreciate the beauty of life," Selmouni said.