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Some 100 intl members of WKU faculty receive jabs

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: April 22, 2021 L M S

Wenzhou-Kean University in Wenzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, held its second COVID-19 inoculation session for students and staff on April 21, according to a news report from the university's official website.  

WKU is a joint venture between Wenzhou University in Zhejiang and Kean University in New Jersey, the United States.

Among those who volunteered to receive the vaccination this time were 108 foreigners from the university's faculty and their family members.

"I am very confident about the vaccine. I know that the majority of the faculty have decided to get vaccinated," said Larry Brown, dean of the university's College of Science and Technology.

Craig Blacklock, a Briton who teaches English at the College of Liberal Arts, told the reporter that he had little concern over the vaccine's safety as a biology professor had personally advised him to take the jab. Blacklock hopes the inoculation would make it easier for him to travel in the near future.

Wendy Austin, an English lecturer at the College of Liberal Arts, told local media that she feels lucky to be able to lead a normal life in China where the pandemic is under control.

Biology professor Aloysius Wong and his wife were also among those who received the vaccine. Wong said that he had read related news reports and research literature which gave him confidence about the vaccine's safety.

Yin Zanxiang, a computer science student, said that the university had shared information about the vaccine through posters, WeChat accounts and lectures before the inoculation. He added that he wants to contribute by helping create herd immunity and beating the pandemic as soon as possible.

Ye Binbin, deputy director of Wenzhou Foreign Affairs Office, visited the inoculation site at the university and listened to the expats' feedbacks about the services provided.

inoculation site in WKU.jpg

University staff and students are pictured at the inoculation spot on the campus of Wenzhou-Kean University on April 21. [Photo/ WeChat account: wenzhoukean]

an expat.jpg

A foreign lecturer receives the COVID-19 vaccine on the campus of Wenzhou-Kean University on April 21. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoukean]

a foreigner.jpg

Ye Binbin, deputy director of Wenzhou Foreign Affairs Office, speaks to a foreign lecturer at the university about the inoculation services on April 21. [Photo/WeChat account:wenzhoukean]