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Zhejiang, West Flanders to deepen links

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: April 30, 2021 L M S

East China's Zhejiang province is extending its relations with a province in Belgium – and to do so, the 6th session of the Zhejiang-West Flanders Cooperation Promotion Committee was held on the internet on April 28.

Zhejiang province officially established friendly relations with the Belgium province of West Flanders in 2000. Since then, the two sides have conducted fruitful cooperation in many fields -- including commerce, trade, healthcare and education.

The Zhejiang-West Flanders Cooperation Promotion Committee, established in 2009, has reportedly played a significant role in pushing forward bilateral cooperation.

Attendants of the session from both sides voiced their willingness to expand bilateral cooperation into frontier areas such as scientific innovation, the digital economy, sustainable development and achieve mutual benefits.