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Visit iconic tourist attractions in time-honored coastal city Ningbo

CGTN| Updated: June 18, 2021 L M S

Hemudu sites.jpg

The 40,000-square-meter Hemudu Site is located in Yuyao county of Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo/CFP]

Tourism in the city

Have you heard of the mysterious Hemudu civilization (5500 BC to 3300 BC)? Ningbo is the birthplace of the Hemudu civilization, which is believed to be the origin of humanity in Ningbo and also a well-known cultural legacy in the world of archaeology.

The 40,000-square-meter Hemudu Site in Yuyao County of Ningbo, discovered in 1973, features an exhibition area and the original excavation site.

On May 30, 2020, archaeologists discovered an 8,000-year-old shell mound at the site of the Jingtoushan ruins in Yuyao, according to Xinhua. Carbon-14 tests showed the site is between 7,800 and 8,300 years old, which is 1,000 years earlier than the city's Hemudu culture ruins.

Ningbo also has picturesque natural attractions like Dongqian Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in Zhejiang Province. Tourists visit the area for its intoxicating blend of picturesque mountains as well as clear waters.

Other attractions include Ningbo Museum, Baoguo Temple and Yandang Mountain. In 2019, Ningbo received 139 million domestic visits, up 12.2% year on year, according to the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism.

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