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Zhejiang home to 22 national-level economic development zones

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: June 25, 2021 L M S

The State Council, China's cabinet, recently approved the upgrading of 13 provincial-level economic development zones to national-level ones.

Among them was Zhejiang Toumengang Economic Development Zone, which has now been renamed Taizhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone and has received the national-level qualification.

To date, Zhejiang province is home to a total of 22 national-level economic and technological development zones (ETDZs), the second highest number among all provincial-level regions.

All 11 Zhejiang cities at or above prefecture-level but Zhoushan have housed national-level ETDZs.

Hangzhou, the provincial capital, is home to four such zones: Hangzhou ETDZ, Xiaoshan ETDZ, Yuhang ETDZ, and Fuyang ETDZ.

Ningbo is home to another four national-level ETDZs: Ningbo ETDZ, Ningbo Daxie Development Zone, Ningbo Petrochemical ETDZ, and Ningbo Hangzhou Bay ETDZ.

Jiaxing is home to Jiaxing ETDZ, Jiashan ETDZ, and Pinghu ETDZ, while Shaoxing is home to Shaoxing Paojiang ETDZ, Shaoxing Keqiao ETDZ, as well as Hangzhou Bay Shangyu ETDZ.

Huzhou is home to Huzhou ETDZ and Changxing ETDZ, while Jinhua is home to Jinhua ETDZ and Yiwu ETDZ.

Wenzhou, Quzhou, Taizhou, and Lishui are respectively home to Wenzhou ETDZ, Quzhou ETDZ, Taizhou Bay ETDZ, and Lishui ETDZ.

In the 2019 national assessment, as many as 16 national-level ETDZs in Zhejiang were included in the country's top 100 for comprehensive strength. Two of them made the top 30 and one made the top 10.