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Summit to shed light on Zhejiang's green development

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: July 5, 2021 L M S


Tourists visit Yucun village in Anji, Zhejiang province, in August 2020. [Photo/China Daily]

A leader's summit between the Communist Party of China and other world political parties will be held in Beijing via video link on July 6.

Anji county in Zhejiang province, where the development theory "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" was first proposed, will host a session of the summit themed on ecological civilization.

With the goal of building a "Beautiful Zhejiang", the province in East China has taken on a new look after years of eco-friendly development.

In 2003, Zhejiang launched the Green Rural Revival Program to inspire the revitalization of rural areas. In the following years, thousands of villages in the province ramped up efforts to improve their environment and develop rural tourism, aiding ecosystems and the increase rural incomes.

Following the program, the province initiated the development of "beautiful villages" and began working to transform Zhejiang into a "big garden". Based on the "Two Mountains" theory, it carried out reforms and sought ways to restore the natural environment, which had been severely damaged by economic development.

The environmental improvement resulted in the enhancement of people's living standards. In 2020, the per capita disposable income of rural residents in Zhejiang reached 31,930 yuan ($4,942.95), ranking first nationwide for the 36th consecutive year.

Zhejiang's eco-friendly practices and achievements will be showcased to the world through the Anji session of the summit.