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Core designs unveiled for provincial games

iJinhua| Updated: July 13, 2021 L M S

The Information Office of Jinhua Municipal People's Government held a press conference on the core designs of the 17th Games of Zhejiang Province in Hangzhou on July 12 and released the emblem, mascot, slogan and anthem for the games.

Jinhua, with the approval of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, is set to host the provincial sports games – the first time a city in central and western Zhejiang has hosted a provincial sporting event. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held, respectively, on November 18 and 28, 2022. 

The sports games will consist of 34 major sports events and 51 sub-events. Among them are 27 major items and 37 sub-items for competitive sports. In addition, three major items and 10 sub-items for mass sports will be featured. Three winter sports and one performance item will be added as well.

This year's event involves 34 venues, including 12 newly-constructed venues, 19 upgraded venues, and three venues in phrase Ⅱ construction, with a total investment of over 2 billion yuan ($309.26 million).

Emblem –"Golden Brilliance"


With the letter "Z" (for Zhejiang) and the Chinese characters "金" (golden) and "华" (brilliance) as the prototype, the emblem perfectly integrates the structure of Jinhua's ancient city wall and windows, which not only reflects the profound history of Jinhua as a famous historical and cultural city, but also shows the competitive spirit of "Zhejiang Goes First".

Jinhua is known as the home of fingered citrons in China, so the logo looks like two fingered citrons, denoting friendship, handshakes, and clapping hands and hands in a relay race. The design echoes the sports spirit of "friendship and unity, fairness and justice, mutual competition and joint progress".

Mascot—"Hua Hua"


The mascot consists of a camellia, the city flower of Jinhua, and combines elements of Wu Opera and the wave of the Qiantang River to represent positive energy.

The character called "Hua Hua", named after Jinhua, represents best wishes for the upcoming provincial games.

Slogan –"Rhyming Zhejiang, Harmonious Jinhua"

"韵动 (rhyming)" sounds like "sports" in Chinese, highlighting the artistic conception of the provincial games and reflecting stunning landscapes and energetic athletes in Zhejiang, while also representing an aggressive spirit. The slogan "Harmonious Jinhua" expresses the unremitting efforts of Jinhua, the host city, in pursuing high-quality livelihoods.

Anthem—"Golden Future"

The lyrics of the anthem incorporate the geography and culture of Zhejiang and Jinhua. The pop-music-style song has a beautiful melody, bright rhythm, and strict structure, making it easy to sing.