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Expats explore countryside, TCM culture in Yiwu

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: September 22, 2021 L M S

About 20 expats living in Yiwu, Zhejiang province were recently invited by local authorities to tour picturesque villages, as well as visit a traditional Chinese medicine museum in the city.

These expats come from 11 countries including Yemen, Spain, Germany, the United States, Australia, and Finland.

In Lizu village, the expats learned about how the village has been developing its tourism sector to enrich its residents. Encouraged by locals, they tried their hands at making moon cakes, a traditional snack food served on the Mid-Autumn Festival, which fell on Sept 21 this year.

At Sanxitang TCM Hospital, the expats visited a TCM culture museum, experienced acupuncture therapy, and learned about how ancient TCM is still in use today.

Zhu Danxi (1281-1358), who was born and raised in current day Yiwu, was one of the best-known medical scholars during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and who played a significant role in the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

"Zhu Danxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture", which is prevalent in Yiwu, was included on the list of national intangible cultural heritage items in June.


Expats pose for a photo in front of Sanxitang TCM Hospital in Yiwu. [Photo provided by Yiwu Foreign Affairs Office]