Lishui University

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Oct 14, 2019 L M S

Lishui University, located in Lishui in East China's Zhejiang province, was established in 1907. The school now has 47 undergraduate programs with a total of 10,724 undergraduates.

Lishui University includes eight colleges, such as a college for ethnic study, a college of ecology, an engineering college, a college of medicine and health, a business school, a China celadon college and a college for vocational technology.

The university has developed 15 excellent provincial-level courses and two outstanding provincial-level open online courses thus far, including the distinctive open online course "Longquan Celadon Craft".

Over the past three years, Lishui University has undertaken 27 state-level scientific research projects, including one key project and 131 research projects at or above the provincial or ministerial level.

Lishui University also actively carries out exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international universities. These have included Zhejiang A&F University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Jacksonville State University in the United States and Honam University in South Korea.

In 2014, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Lishui University cooperated with Sweden's University of Gavle to launch an undergraduate nursing program. In 2015, the university began offering courses to international students. It now has 164 international students from 29 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.