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City of Rahway, New Jersey, US

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Date of establishment of friendly exchange relations with Lishui: Feb 10, 2003


Rahway is a city in the southeast of Union county, 24 kilometers from Manhattan.

With a land area of 10.6 square km and a population of 26,500 (in 2000), Rahway is on New Jersey's coastal plain. The climate is similar to nearby cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

The city is known for production of medicine, communications equipment, auto parts, cereal, music boxes and vacuum cleaners. Most of the city's land is used for residences, and only small parts are used for business or industry.

The Northeast Passage and coastal railway line of New Jersey has unified Newark, Manhattan, Trenton and the Jersey Shore. The busiest auto-route 1 and auto-route 9, Gordon State Green Sprout Avenue and the New Jersey Turnpike are only three km from municipal roads.