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Braised pork with preserved vegetables

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 13, 2020 L M S


Braised pork with preserved vegetables [Photo/sx.gov.cn]

Braised pork with preserved vegetables is the most typical Shaoxing dish and boasts rich cultural connotation. It is widely received by visitors.

Though people like the dish, they are usually dissatisfied with the taste of their home-made version because they haven't mastered the key tips of cooking it.

A tasty meal of braised pork should be cooked with good raw materials -- fresh and tender preserved vegetables and marbled meat.

The traditional recipe for the dish is laying the preserved vegetables on the bottom of a bowl and then laying the meat on it, repeating the process until the bowl is filled with layers of the ingredients. Then it should be steamed with some sugar and cooking wine.

However, the recipe is time consuming and expensive. Therefore, a quicker and more cost-efficient version has been developed -- boiling and steaming it.

Almost all the restaurants in Shaoxing offer the dish and that served by Shaoxing Restaurant is the most delicious.