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Delixi Group

Updated: November 24, 2017 L M S

With registered capital of 2 billion yuan ($301 million), Delixi Group's(杭州德力西集团) business covers electrical engineering, high-tech industry, energy resources, mining, transportation, environmental engineering, real estate and logistics. 


It now has more than 70 subsidiaries and over 1,000 cooperative companies with 21,000 employees.

Delixi is among China’s top 500 enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength and holds a leading position among China’s top 500 private enterprises. 

Its technical center has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award three times. 

Delixi has participated in hundreds of projects related to national defense, metallurgy, transportation and petrochemicals. It also contributed to the launch of Shenzhou, Chang'e and Beidou.

Delixi Group headquarters in Shanghai

Address: 27F, China Delixi Building, No 1777 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai

Postcode: 200061 



Delixi Group headquarters in Wenzhou

Address: Delixi Building, No.1 Liuqing Road, Liushi town, Yueqing, Zhejiang province

Post Code: 325604 



Delixi Electric Co Ltd  

Service hotline:+86-400-826-8008


Shanghai Delixi Group Co. Ltd. 

Service hotline:+86-21-5970-3888

Hangzhou Delixi Group Co Ltd  

Service hotline:+86-400-188-8155