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Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Company

Updated: November 27, 2017 L M S

Founded in 1957, Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Company (HISGC, 杭州钢铁集团公司) is a state-owned conglomerate focused on the steel industry. It has a diversified development in real estate, trade and distribution, environment protection, hotel and catering, higher vocational education, scientific research and design, and gold mining and smelting. 



As of the end of 2014, HISGC has 40 wholly-owned and share-holding subsidiaries, among which Hangzhou Iron & Steel Holdings has been listed.

In 2014, its total assets reached 64.06 billion yuan ($9.67 billion), with net assets of 17.39 billion yuan; its sales revenue reached 101 billion yuan, with the profits of 1.02 billion. 

HISGC ranked 141st in China's Top 500 enterprises in 2014, and 58th in China's Top 500 manufacturing enterprises. 

HISGC's steel industry and non-steel industry have enjoyed cooperative development and HISGC's Hangzhou-based offices have been built into an administrative, R&D and sales center.