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Yinyi Group

Updated: November 27, 2017 L M S

Yinyi Group Co(银亿集团)is a large corporation with interests in real estate, resources, new materials and technological development, trade, logistics, warehousing, and construction.

Since its establishment in 1994, the company has seen rapid development. The total assets of the group have reached 60 billion yuan ($9.04 billion). In 2013, its sales income reached 53.6 billion yuan with profits, and tax payments amounted to 3 billion yuan. In addition, the company was listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises and top 500 Chinese service enterprises in 2014.

Yinyi Real Estate Company has been listed in the top 100 Chinese real estate enterprises for 11 years. In the past decade, Yinyi Real Estate has developed more than 50 lifestyle centers and office buildings, with an area of over 5 million square meters in Ningbo.

Yinyi Real Estate attempts interregional development in Ningbo, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ma’anshan, and Nanchang; as well as cities around Bohai Bay such as Beijing, Shenyang and Daqing. Presently, there are more than 20 projects outside Ningbo and the overall projects under construction number over 270 million square meters. 

The resource industry has been Yinyi's main industry in recent years, with a focus on mineral exploration, coal mining and processing, nickel smelting and petrochemical engineering. It develops recycling technology, implements innovation and the comprehensive use of resources, explores overseas mineral projects and sets up overseas branches. The group finished the acquisition and reorganization of the local Lingshi Energy and Mineral Group in Shanxi province in 2007. 

At present, it has five coal mines with a total mining area of about 56 square kilometers. Its annual output reaches around 3.5 million tons of crude coal and 1 million tons of coking coal. It is expected to develop into an important player in the energy sector with interests in coal mining, coking and manganese mining. 

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