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Chen Lijun

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: November 26, 2018 L M S


The refrigerators manufactured by Huari [Photo/Zheshang Magazine]

Over the following year, Chen visited department governments in Beijing seven times and set out the reasons for the company's existence. Chen's sincerity and persistence touched the government officials and eventually, Huari, the only private company, became one of Zhejiang's four winners of the permits.

"We'd gone through a long time of hardship in the course of reform and opening-up. Some companies fell down and some broke through," Chen thought that both the successes and failures were essential for the development process.

Huari has possessed leading technologies in the industry after 30 years of research and development. The application of automatic machines and the adoption of the world's advanced technologies and management methods have made the company shine on the global stage.

Chen thought as a local brand in Zhejiang, Huari now can compete with the world's most advanced refrigerator manufacturers. "Our goal is to make the best refrigerators in the world," she said.

In addition to the commitment to Huari's business, Chen also devoted herself to the development of overseas Chinese in Zhejiang. In hope of enhancing the clout of overseas Chinese people and giving full play to the group's strength, she's exerted a lot of efforts to encourage them to actively participate in the province's development and to manage the affairs of overseas Chinese orderly based on her own experiences.

Chen is known for her philanthropy as well. Showing care to orphans' lives and the development of sports and education, she has donated millions of yuan to charities since the 1990s.

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