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Yin Xiaomin

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: November 28, 2018 L M S


Yin Xiaomin, a businessman from Qingtian county, Zhejiang province [Photo/cnnb.com.cn]

Born in Qingtian, Zhejiang province, Yin Xiaomin went to Brazil in 1987 at the age of 18 and eventually successfully built businesses in the South American country after 30 years of struggles.

As the old saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. In the beginning, Yin made his living by selling small articles for daily use from street to street. Touring the streets initially brought about opportunities for Yin, but unfortunately for him it was just a flash in the pan. The inflation and stagnant economy in Brazil discouraged the businessman and he went to Spain the next year, trying to seek wealth from catering business. However, the European country didn't show a friendly face to him and his Chinese restaurant closed down.

Yin decided to return to Brazil in 1994 as he saw business opportunities brought by Plano Real, a set of measures taken by the Brazilian government to stabilize economy. Yin thought the low-income group in the country would be interested in the high-quality but cheap products made in China.

He established a trading company specializing in imports and exports between China and Brazil. It businesses expanded quickly, from bags and suitcases to electric appliances and batteries.

Benefitting from China's reform and opening-up policy, as well as the economic growth in Brazil, Yin's company cracked the South American market and later established its own brands.

"Running our own brands will add value to products," said Yin. He invited world-class designers to design bags and suitcases with the company's name "yin's" for Brazilian market. To ensure the products' quality, he chose some fixed suppliers and factories in China's Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. The company also launched the brand "Alfacell" for its battery products and "Eterny" for household appliances.

Now, these brands have entered big supermarkets in Brazil such as Carrefour and Walmart and have become widely known to local residents.

Yin said the development of his businesses is a reflection of the ever increasing friendly ties between China and Brazil over the past decades.

As the two countries became increasingly interconnected, Yin decided to assume more responsibilities. He and some young Chinese people in Brazil founded an association to look after the Brazilians in need and help facilitate the economic, cultural and trading exchanges and cooperation between China and Brazil.

With the stable operation of his businesses in the South America, Yin has turned his attention to the Chinese market in the past 10 years. He set up factories in the cities of Shanghai, Ningbo and Shaoxing for storage and logistics to boost his international trade business.