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Zhejiang Art Museum

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Zhejiang Art Museum [Photo/zjam.org.cn]

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 - 17:00 (case of legal holidays as usual open)

Admission fee: Free, expect some special exhibitions

Tel: +86-571-87078700

Address: No 138 Nanshan Road, Xihu district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province

Public traffic routes:

a. Take Night Line 9, K102, J9, Y9, Y6, 822/K822, 809, K808, 12/K12, K4 or 514/K514 (inter-zone) to the "Wan Song Ling" stop, and walk around 100 meters southwards along Nanshan Road.

b. Take Night Line 9, Y9, Y6, Y3, K808 or K4 to the "Chang Qiao" stop, and walk around 50 meters eastwards the direction of Nanshan Road.

c. Take 809 or 12/K12 to the "Yu Huang Shan" stop, and walk around 50 meters northwards the direction of Nanshan Road.


Zhejiang Art Museum, with coverage of 35,000 square meters and floorage of 32,000 sq m, is located opposite the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. It opened in August 2009.

The museum is dedicated to exhibition, display, solicitation, and collection of art works and art literatures, with which it aims to provide and present academic research, education promotion, international exchanges and public cultural services.

There are 14 exhibition halls of different sizes in the museum, taking up 9,000 sq m, including six exhibition halls with constant temperature and humidity. The storehouse area takes up 3,000 sq m. Besides, the museum is equipped with multiple supporting facilities such as the Central Hall, Skylight Promenade, International Academic Reporting Hall, Multi-functional Hall, Hall for Assessment and Appreciation, VIP Room, Center for Art Books and Documentations, Children's Fine Arts World, Arts Bookstore, Store of Arts Materials and Supplies, and Coffee Bar.

Zhejiang Art Museum has successfully hosted numerous excellent exhibitions. It hosts about 50 exhibitions of different types and nearly 300 public education activities every year. Visitors can not only appreciate exhibitions, but also attend lectures, watch dramas, take part in educational workshops, water art films, create works of art with artists and participate in various public education programs for free at the museum.

Zhejiang Art Museum is committed to collecting and exhibiting art works, cultural relics and documentations that reflect the development of arts in Zhejiang, especially those created by modern and contemporary artists who are either Zhejiang natives or engaged in significant artistic events in Zhejiang. The museum started to solicit collections at the end of 2004. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the collection construction and provide funding, institutional and system guarantees. The museum has developed a mature solicitation and collection system and increased its collections year by year through a variety of means such as offering incentives for donations, negotiating about procurement of collections, organizing creation activities, staging auction, and providing custody services. It now has nearly 20,000 art collections of different kinds.